photography by: bridget badore

photography by: bridget badore

Carol Uraneck

Questioning how to say that weird last name?
Uraneck: ‘you-ran-nick’ rhymes with Titanic - it takes a few tries sometimes.

After enduring a few years of chilly winters working on various tv/film projects living in Brooklyn, NY - I’ve made the move to Los Angeles, CA where I currently reside in Echo Park. I’ve always had a passion for detail and highly value the importance of storytelling through environment and object. I’m happiest creating detailed worlds for vivid visual stories.  

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I danced for 15 years. The ballet barre was the structure I grew up alongside. Its sturdy parallel and perpendicular lines supported me both literally and figuratively. Living life beside its familiar shape provided me with a foundation of discipline and dedication spending countless sweaty hours at its side. 

When I decided to leave my life beside the barre to fully pursue my passion for design, it seemed fitting to honor this transition by designing a tattoo that represents both the world I came from and the world I’ve moved on to. It’s a little loving reminder living on my left forearm and has become the symbol for my design career.

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